We are builders, advocates, and partners.

We’re a dedicated group of professionals who are focused on giving our clients a positive construction experience.

When you’re looking for a construction team, you will hear a lot about quality from other builders. And that makes sense – quality is important to everyone. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. But for us, it’s not just about the quality of the construction itself. It’s also about the quality of your experience and how you are treated.

We know there are a lot of considerations that go into choosing who will build your project. Qualifications and experience are important, of course. But at John G. Johnson, we want you to feel like you are working with a partner.

We work tirelessly to help you accomplish your goals. When we propose ideas and solutions, they are in your best interest – not ours. We believe we should always be transparent with your money. We are in the business of delivering buildings to our clients, but what we really want to give you is peace of mind.

So, we’re builders, yes. But also advocates and partners. We genuinely want to help you get the space you need.

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Choosing a construction management company that aligns with your values is essential.
If you are looking for a partner who believes in being an advocate for you, taking challenges head-on, and being transparent in everything they do –
Then we are a good fit for you.

Who we work for

Our primary markets are multifamily, hospitality, education, commercial buildings, healthcare, and worship facilities.

Our focus on being an advocate and a long-term partner to our clients makes us especially well-suited for campuses and other institutions with ongoing construction needs. Our clients who are charged with the long-term stewardship of multiple buildings have appreciated the way we constantly look for solutions to their problems.

Most importantly, we want to work with people who recognize true value when they see it. People who are looking for more than a low bid. People who want a quality experience and a quality project.

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