Simplicity and efficiency
for your project

There’s a lot to like about the design/build method. One contract. One point of contact. And one team working together to deliver the building or space you need.

Using the design/build delivery method for your project offers a lot of advantages:


  • A simpler contractual arrangement – you have a contract with us, and we contract with everyone else.
  • You have one point of communication throughout – your JGJ project team.
  • Construction can begin while certain parts of the design are still in progress. This overlap can save significant time in your construction schedule.
  • We handle all the subcontractor bidding and negotiating, so the procurement process is smoother and faster, and we work on an “open-book” basis so you know where your money is going.
  • Less administrative time on your end – you have just one contract to administer and one payment to process.
  • Team collaboration is greatly improved, because we’re all on the same side. There’s no pointing fingers – just a team working together to solve whatever issues come up. For you, this means less risk for conflicts, claims, and delays.
  • We manage the entire project schedule – both the design and the construction – so there’s less risk of schedule slippage.


When we’re your design/builder, you get all of this in a simplified, efficient arrangement that minimizes your risk, accelerates your schedule, and makes your job easier. Once you’ve experienced how worry-free we can make the construction process, you’ll want us at the helm of every project.

If the simplicity of design/build is appealing to you, get in touch with us today to talk about how it could work on your next project.