A Full-Service
Construction Firm

No matter which delivery method you choose for your construction project, JGJ offers professional commercial construction services in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio – driven by the belief that you deserve a quality construction experience and a quality building.

What’s different about the way we work? Our commercial construction services are based on:

  • Being an advocate for your organization’s needs
  • Taking on the most challenging projects and being proactive about solving problems
  • Being honest and transparent with you

Our services are tailored to organizations that are looking for value – not just a low bid. Our construction professionals aren’t looking to do the bare minimum and go home for the day. We are looking to build relationships and earn our clients’ trust.

And whether we are your Construction Manager, General Contractor, or Design/Builder, what motivates us is seeing your project come to life. We love seeing the impact that a new space can have on the people who use it – and we love the process of getting you there!

So, if you’re looking for a different kind of construction experience – one where you get a partner, an advocate, and a builder – click below to read more about how our construction services can help you, or get in touch now.