Your reputation is on the line with every project.

In our experience, it is vital to find subcontractors that can help you deliver.

We work as a collaborative and knowledgeable partner under your direction. The same things that we look for in a subcontractor – open communication, proactive problem solving, and a commitment to jobsite safety – are what we offer you.

With JGJ as a subcontractor, your project team’s job is easier. There’s no finger pointing and no excuses – just our professional and experienced people who want to help make the project successful for everyone involved.

How can we help? These are just a few of the packages that we’ve been subcontracted for:

  • General trades
  • Sitework
  • Selective demolition
  • Carpentry
  • Doors & hardware
  • Envelopes & exteriors
  • Interiors


When your reputation is at stake, trust us to help you deliver on your promises. Get in touch today to talk about how our teams can work together.

Are you a subcontractor looking to get involved with JGJ projects? Click here to view our subcontractor forms