The way you treat people
is everything.

At John G. Johnson Construction Co., our culture revolves around two things: serving our clients and leading by example. We build buildings, but we’re about people, first and foremost.


Serving our clients

Serving our clients means always doing the right thing for them. You deserve a construction partner who looks out for your interests.

Over 90% of our work is from repeat clients or client referrals. That’s how you know we’re serious about giving our clients a quality experience and working as a partner and advocate, not just a contractor.

We hire people based on their alignment with our values, and we have the right systems in place so that they can help you meet your project goals.

What’s it like to work with us? Here’s what you can expect:

What we value

When it came time to identify the values that would guide our company, we didn’t sit in a boardroom and come up with buzzwords that sounded impressive.

It was really the other way around. We looked at the way we already work, and we put that into a few words. That’s why our core values are so simple and straightforward:


We are not a team because we work together – we are a team because we respect, trust, and care about each other and the work we do. Our people are our most valuable resource and your project is their passion.

Employees’ growth within the company is hard to miss. The challenging nature of each project coupled with strict timelines allows people to learn and excel in their careers at John G. Johnson.

- Austin Cabi | Project Manager

JGJ has created an environment where I have been able to grow professionally as well as personally. I have found a greater sense of my best self and purpose.

- Ben Warren | Project Accounting Manager

I’ve worked at several general contractors and a couple subcontracting firms over the years and none compare to my experience here at JGJ. I’ve always worked to be an owner advocate on my projects because it was the right thing to do. Here it’s company policy. I honestly feel spoiled here having quality superintendents and project engineers that review submittals before sending them out, helpful senior project managers, and Mike and Marty whom I know I could call for help at any time.

- Grant Schwede | Project Manager

I feel they are a family-oriented company, that treats me like a part of their family. I work with people I can learn from and that will push me to take on new challenges.

- Chris Brown | Project Superintendent

After completing my internship in 2019 and graduating from college, I elected to join John G. Johnson because of my co-workers. Everyone I’ve worked with has been nothing short of helpful, caring, and willing to take the time to teach.

- Matt Wheeler | Project Manager

Inspiring each other

What’s it like to work here?

Quite simply, our people are our business. The quality of our people is what sets us apart. You will be surrounded by people who want you to succeed. We’re honest with each other and help each other out. We’re approachable and focused on doing the right thing.

When you work here, you will never lose sight of the fact that every project we do is for people. People who will live, work, learn, heal, worship, and rest within those walls. And the people who are in charge of seeing each project through to the finish: the facility managers, developers, housing authorities, building committees, business owners, government and education officials.

You will get the chance to develop rewarding relationships and work on projects that have a real impact on people and communities.