We don’t compromise on our commitment to safety –
for any reason.

Every project owner wants to know that the work on their project will be done as safely as possible.

We know this is important to you. And if your building will stay occupied during construction, it’s even more important because the safety of your employees, tenants, residents, and visitors is at stake.

We feel the same. We will not compromise on our commitment to safety – for any reason.

That’s why at JGJ we have our own full-time, in-house safety manager. We believe safety is too important to entrust it to third-party consultants. Our dedicated safety manager works closely with the project teams and enforces our safety policies on each project – from the very first day that workers are onsite until the day you move in.

Our safety goal is simple: we want everyone working on or near each jobsite to go home safely to their families – every night.


Meet Jordan Mohamed,
Our Safety Manager

Jordan focuses on developing site-specific safety plans for each of our projects, promoting safe practices and minimizing safety risks.

For us, safety is a daily commitment. These are some of the ways we promote safety on every project:

  • Our safety manager develops a safety plan that is specific to your project. The plan identifies hazards that are likely to be encountered at your site or building and outlines how to work safely around them. It also deals with seasonal hazards like snow and ice or excessive heat.
  • Our safety manager conducts weekly safety audits at each jobsite (or more frequently on larger projects). Any violations are noted in the project’s daily field report, and the team has 24 hours to address them.
  • We provide regular safety training for all employees, so they know how to handle safety hazards and how to respond in the event of an emergency. Subcontractors also undergo site-specific safety training.
  • We believe everyone on a jobsite is responsible for making safety the top priority. All field employees – no matter their role – are given safety leadership training to empower them to promote safe work practices every day.


Safety is one of the main reasons we are so selective about our subcontractors. We work with subcontractors who know what we expect from them in terms of safety, and who have good safety records of their own.

When you work with us, you have our word – we will do everything we can to promote a safe jobsite for everyone.