Mike Weber

Director Of Operations

Mike Weber is Co-Owner and Director of Operations at John G. Johnson where he is responsible for the over-arching management of company operations as well as staffing and recruitment. A passionate client advocate, Mike adds value by lending his nearly three decades of industry experience to support all phases of a project, from preconstruction to fieldwork. Mike has spent his entire career in the industry. He began working for John G. Johnson during summer breaks, gained experience in the field as a carpenter, before transitioning into estimating, project management, and eventually ownership. Mike’s favorite projects are those with unique challenges, in which the team must work together to do what might – at first – seem impossible.

When not laser-focused on projects, Mike can be found outdoors (most likely fishing). His favorite fish story is a mystery: he once caught a catfish that appeared to have recently been hooked by someone else; it had already had a lure and a live minnow in its mouth, but there was no one else on the lake.