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How many years in business?

We have been incorporated since 1943 and still operate under the same federal ID number.

What’s your current staff size?

Our growing team has over 50 employees, including office personnel and field superintendents.

Does your company have a DBE status?

Yes, we are SBE with NEORSD

Yes, we are SBE with Cuyahoga County

Does your company have any union affiliations?

Carpenters Local 435 (IKORCC)

Do you have any claims, liens or encumbrances?


Does your company have a written safety policy and program?


Does your company maintain a Drug-Free Workplace Program that meets Ohio BWC standards?


Does your company have a certified Safety Officer?

Yes, additionally all of our foreman and project managers are OSHA 30, and we provide annual companywide safety training.