Cedar Point Express Hotel

Project Description

Located a short drive from Cedar Point, the Cedar Point Breakers Express hotel features 419 rooms, including many that connect to accommodate large families.

The property improvement plan included interior upgrades to all 350 guestrooms and public spaces. Upgrades included electrical, HVAC, locksets to a VingCard lock system, building envelope work, renovated pool with new splash pads, new roof, and a new concierge desk.

In addition to the new upgrades, a 69-room addition was added to the property along with a 78-car parking lot expansion to accommodate additional hotel guests.

Project Details

owner: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
architect: Mann Parsons Gray Architects
location: Sandusky, OH
type: Renovation
delivery: CM as Constructor / Cost Plus GMP
sq ft: 204,000 SF
year completed: 2017